Class 9 English Objective Questions Bihar Board : कक्षा 9 अंग्रेजी

इस पेज में बिहार बोर्ड कक्षा 9 के अंग्रेजी के महत्‍वपूर्ण ऑब्‍जेक्टिव प्रश्‍नों को पढ़ेंगे। यह ज्ञान के दृष्टि से काफी महत्‍वपूर्ण है। इसमें हिन्‍दी कक्षा 9 Panorama Part 1 के ऑब्‍जेक्टिव को छात्रों को उपयोग के लिए आसान भाषा में तैयार किया गया है। Class 9 English Objective Questions Bihar Board

Class 9 English Objective

Here, we have provided Bihar Board Panorama Part 1 Class 9th English Objective Questions. These objective questions are very very important for class 9th students. This is based on scert and ncert pattern and new syllabus. Bihar board class 9th english objective pdf, class 9th english mcq questions, class 9th panorama part 1 notes and pdf, English objectives  bihar board pdf, English question answer class 9, class 10 maths का प्रश्‍नावली Solutions pdf in hindi, bseb 9th English (class 9 mcq) objective question 2025, Class 10 Maths Objective

Bihar Board Class 9th English Objective Questions

Class 9 English Prose
1   Dharam Juddha
2   Yayati
3   A Silent Revolution
4   Too Many People Too Few Trees
5   Echo and Narcissus
6   The Shehnai of Bismillah Khan
7   Kathmandu
8   My Childhood
9   The Gift of The Magi

BSEB 9th English MCQs

Class 9 English Poetry
1   The Grandmother
2   On His Blindness
3   Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind
4   To Daffodils
5   Sound
6   Self Introduction
7   I Am Like Grass
8   Abraham Lincoln’s Letter to His Son’s Teacher

Panorama English Reader Part 2 Objective

Class 10 English Reader
1   I Am Going to Dance Again
2   Scaling Great Heights
3   Saint Kabir
4   The Eyes Are Not Here
5   Ismat Chughtai : A Lady with a Difference
6   The Accidental Tourist
7   Saint Ravidas
8   Bharathipura

I hope that these objective questions are very useful for you. This Objective Questions are baseb on scert and ncert new pattern.

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